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About me

I was born in November 1985 in Fejér County, and I spent my whole childhood here, in a large village called Cece.
The love of reading came early, perhaps a shame to admire, as my parents and grandparents set an excellent example for me.
I wrote my first poem in the fourth grade of primary school. Writing simple children’s poems did not escape the teachers’ attention, and a year later, I was entered into the UTI competition, where I won a special prize for my poem.
In terms of writing, high school and the university was a step backward, I didn’t write at all, but I read more than ever.
After leaving university, I occasionally returned to rhyming, just for my own pleasure.
2016 was a turning point. That’s when I was invited to enter a short story competition, to which I submitted my own work. Although I didn’t win, the short story I uploaded to Wattpad was a relative success with readers, and many encouraged me to continue writing. It eventually became a collection of short stories called Monkeys.
In 2016 I started work on a diary novel, Egy űrállomás-takarító naplója. I was about halfway through when I sent it to a couple of publishers. It was finally published in March 2017 under the Colorcom imprint.
Later in 2017, I made a deal with Mogul Kiadó to expand my first novel, and they would republish it.
In November of that year, the short story collection Afférok was published, and in December, the Egy űrállomás-takarító naplója – A teljes történet.
In late 2016, I began work on what was initially started as a writing exercise, Brooke: A testem a börtönöm, a novel that was finally published in 2018 and became my most successful writing to date.
Also published in 2018, Skicc is not a novel but a workbook. It’s a short, concise story to be written on given topics, using given words.
I moved to Ireland in 2019, which made writing a bit difficult, but this year I published A Space Station Swabber’s Diary in English and 12 első randi.
Leaving the world of short, concise books behind, in mid-2019, I started work on the fantasy novel, Hetedhét Birodalom, which, when it was published in 2020, became not only the longest L. J. Wesley book ever but the first to take its rightful place on the shop’s shelves.
In 2021 I returned to the world of short fiction with O.N.S. – Egyéjszakás kaland.
I’m working on a book yet to be announced, but there will be no information on that for a while.